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What we do

Forte James can help anyone excel at:


  • Presenting to camera for webinars and external presentations.

  • Facilitating events.

  • Staff training days and workshops.

  • Public speaking.

  • Being on the radio or on a podcast.

  • Pitching

  • Selling

  • Speeches - both writing and making.

  • Media Training.

  • Honing brand image and output as an influencer or company.

On average, big corporations expect employees to watch at least 45 minutes of internal video content a week. Webinars are swiftly becoming the best way to share content and information with large numbers. Being able to communicate on camera, in one way or another, will soon be a required skill for any successful business person, no matter what their field.


However, coming across well in an interview, to a crowd, being able to speak engagingly directly to camera, or coping with a live news report isn’t a given. No matter how high powered and talented the individual, these sorts of situations require very unique skill sets. Studios, for instance, can be alien environments. Nerves can let normally eloquent people down and, for some individuals, having to present in a way they’re not used to can seriously affect their performance. This is where ForteJames come in.


​​We can’t teach confidence but we can improve it greatly by providing practical sessions during which we train our clients thoroughly, giving them tools they can draw on for the rest of their careers. We enjoy every minute of doing so too. Demystifying how to present whilst seeing our clients become natural and confident both on camera and/or in a public speaking situation gives us a great deal of professional satisfaction.


Our coaching and the skills we teach are based on many years of professional TV and media experience. Grounded in psychology and science we can teach clients everything they need to know in terms of speaking publicly from how to stand, what to do with their hands, how to use the voice and how to combat nerves and channel them in a positive way. We can go through what to expect when in a studio situation and provide practical experience in a real one if required. That said, we're also happy to keep things simple which in turn means keeping costs down for the client.


We truly believe that when it comes to learning how to present, nothing beats practical one on one sessions where individuals can talk to camera or rehearse and watch the results back in a safe, non- pressured environment. We provide plenty of feedback and make sure that by the time clients finish the session (or sessions) they feel more confident and capable of presenting in an engaging way. We strive to make our training informative, useful and enjoyable. Group sessions are an option and can be extremely bonding.

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